Experian Credit Report

Experian credit report information is available to you instantly online. We provide it as part of our triple merged credit report.

Experian, with US offices based in Orange, California, is one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the United States. It provides the credit reporting services formerly provided by TRW. Many credit grantors rely on Experian exclusively, or they may use Experian credit reports in combination with reports from Equifax and Trans Union, the other two major providers of credit information.

If you are seeking an Experian Credit Report to view your own credit history, we suggest that you request our triple merged credit report. It contains the credit report data from each of the three credit reporting agencies in the United States: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. The Experian items are clearly marked, and you can easily compare them with the entries from Equifax and Trans Union.  The triple merged report is valid for registering disputes about inaccuracies, and for doing so, the Experian contact information is provided.

You can view your triple-merged credit report, including the up-to-the-minute contents of your Experian credit report instantly online for just $34.95.

Here is a sample triple-merged  credit report. Here is where you can order it for only $34.95

No preference?

If you do not need all three bureaus, or you don't have a preference for one of the three major credit reporting agencies, you can get your credit report online  instantly in a single-bureau format, with the option of including your credit score and a personalized analysis of your credit. This choice is only $8.00 (credit report instantly online now) or you can get your FREE credit report (order online with a password sent to you by mail, and a 30 day free trial of personal credit monitoring.)

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