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Instant online credit report choices include the single-bureau, or the 3-in-1 tri-bureau merged credit report.

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Many credit grantors and employers rely on single-bureau credit reports for their credit decisions because they usually find it just as revealing to consult one credit bureau, instead of two or three. And, of course, it is less costly.  (The  three credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.)

You may choose the single bureau report because it is the lowest priced instant way to see your credit right now. It also gives you the option of getting a credit score and personalized analysis. A single bureau credit report is an excellent, economical tool for a "first look", or periodic credit checkup.

What is it likely to show you?

A single-bureau credit report is likely to show all your national credit card, finance company, and department store revolving account credit history, all your public records, and most all mortgages and auto loans.

Companies that Inquire vs. Those that Report

Many smaller companies inquire into credit, but they do not report credit on a monthly basis. On a single-bureau credit report, you'll see the companies that have made a credit inquiry using that particular credit bureau: Experian, Equifax, or Trans Union.  (A 3 bureau merged credit report is more appropriate if you want to see companies who have inquired into your credit from all three credit bureaus.)

How to Order

The main benefit of a single-bureau credit report is that you can get it instantly over the Internet for only $8.00. In addition, a single-bureau credit report is the only way that you can, as an option, get your credit score and a helpful personalized analysis of your credit.

Using a credit card, it takes less that 30 seconds from the time you submit your request!

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