All three Credit Bureaus Merged into one Credit Report

For major credit decisions, such as approving a mortgage home loan, credit grantors often want to see the credit reports from all three bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union.

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Here is a sample 3 bureau credit report. Here is where to download your credit report in seconds. See what all 3 credit bureaus say about your credit.

Certain types of loan programs,  such as Fannie Mae, have made the triple merge credit report a basic requirement in past years. There are signs this requirement is easing, but unfortunately, you never have the luxury of choosing which bureau your lender will use to evaluate your credit. It is important to see that all three credit bureaus present you in the best possible light.

Why are credit reports merged?

A good percentage of the credit data on your three credit reports is the same. This is because the large finance companies, credit card companies, and department store credit card issuers send data on a monthly basis to all three bureaus.

When data is merged, you can easily see, side by side in the same format, each of your accounts as they have been reported by each credit bureau, making differences easy to spot.  Because all three bureaus collect the data separately, and they do not share the data they've collected with each other, some differences are likely.

It is possible that the computer update tapes from creditors have arrived at different times for different bureaus. Your recent payment might be indicated by one bureau before it is reported by the others, for example. You can easily see this on a merged credit report.

Inquiries on Merged Credit Reports

Because all three credit bureaus are represented, a merged credit report is the best way to see all the inquiries that were made resulting from your seeking credit. Many companies inquire into your credit using one bureau or the other - but maybe not all. Sometimes a preliminary decision is made based on just one of the bureaus, before the other two are checked. The merged report shows them all.

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Sample 3 bureau credit report Here is a sample three bureau credit report.
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