Online Credit Report

Online credit report information is available instantly to you with a credit card. Here are some important points about getting an online credit report.

Online credit report guide

For an online credit report...

  • You need a credit card.
  • When ordering, you may be asked for other information, that only you should know - to make sure that you are you!
  • You are only allowed to get an online credit report for yourself - not someone else.
  • An online credit report does not not count as an inquiry.  That is, it is not visible to credit grantors or employers, so it has no effect on  your credit score.
  • An online credit report can be viewed in your browser, and printed on your printer.
  • Assuming the information you give allows you to be positively identified, your online report can be seen in seconds.
  • The data is exactly the same as can be seen by credit grantors,  except you get additional "help" information to make your credit report easier to understand.

Online credit report types

  1. Single online credit report. This is a credit report that contains data from one of the three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, or Trans Union. $11.95. This has been the most popular option, because it is instant, inexpensive, and a very representative picture of your credit. It takes 30 seconds or less. NEW: It includes your credit score!
  2. Single online credit report with score. The credit score shows how you are likely being evaluated by lenders and other credit grantors, and how you compare to others in the U.S. population.  A detailed analysis is provided to explain the factors in your history that are contributing or detracting from your creditworthiness. Usually 45 seconds or less and only $11.95 for the credit report, score, and personalized analysis!
  3. Tri-merge online credit report. This is a credit report that contains data from all of the three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. $34.95. This is becoming the most popular option, because (unlike before) it is now online and instant. (Less than 60 seconds!)  By seeing all three bureaus, you eliminate the chance of surprises (such as a derogatory item reported by one bureau but not the others.)  Also, the list of who has inquired includes all 3 bureaus. (Inquiries are often made to just one bureau or another.)
  4. Free credit report and credit monitoring.  You get a free credit report online, and a credit monitoring service that allows you to get your updated credit report instantly online, and email notifications of important changes throughout the year.  You have 30 days free to try the service, and you keep your credit report whether or not you continue.  (If you need to see your credit report instantly, please select from the other options, above.)

More about the online now options:

Also available...Canadian credit report   Canadian credit report.
(Canada residents only.)

Free credit report EnglandFree UK credit report.
 (Great Britain residents only.)

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