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Online credit score is something new that will give you important insights into how lenders view your credit.  It is available in seconds, along with your credit report. A  personalized analysis comes with your score, telling what is good and bad about your credit. It provides helpful information about what may be needed to improve your credit score.

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Here is a sample credit score and analysis. Here is where you can order your instant credit score and 3-bureau credit report.  You can order a single-bureau credit report and score here.

What is a credit score?

A credit score is simply a numerical representation of your credit worthiness. The majority of lenders use some sort of credit scoring model to help predict what kind of credit risk you may be. (FICO, Beacon, and Empirica are the names of the scores, as often provided to lenders by Experian, Beacon, and Trans Union.)

Lenders commonly review both your credit report and a credit score when considering an application. Credit scores are important because they evaluate your credit as a whole. They factor-in statistically proven ratios and warning signs that might not be noticed by most human readers. At the same time, they ignore prejudicial items, which legally and factually should not be part of a credit decision.  The most commonly used credit scores are based solely on data that is in your credit report.

Credit Scoring Reveals Hidden Factors

No derogatory items, no late payments, no public records and a healthy mix of revolving and installment accounts.

What could be wrong with this credit picture? On the surface it looks excellent, but did you consider the age of the accounts?

If you are, let's say, in your late 30s and your oldest account is less than 7 years old, maybe your credit report is hiding previous derogatory information. Maybe you lost all your credit, and have only recently rebuilt it.

It is possibilities like this that may escape a person's attention, but a credit score makes them perfectly clear.  Given identical credit reports, a person who's oldest account is 15 years old, is a better credit risk than if the oldest account is 7 years, and it has been statistically proven to be the case.  There are dozens of "hidden" factors like this.

See what's wrong with your credit!

There is practically no such thing as a "perfect" credit score. No matter what your score, a lender can decide that it is not high enough, and one or more reasons can be provided as to why your score is not as good as it might be.  When lenders request credit scores, the computer automatically provides "reason codes", even if the score is very high.

Credit score reason codes correspond to reasons, such as "too many revolving accounts." Such a message -- while serving a lender's needs -- is not very useful to you.

The most helpful approach for individuals is to order an online credit score, accompanied by the credit report from which it was computed, and a full explanation of the score and the factors that influenced it.  It is available, for the price of the credit report ($11.95). It is also included if you order your comprehensive instant 3-bureau merged credit report for $34.95. Your credit score and full explanation is included!

How to Order

Online credit score and analysis can be obtained online instantly - and you get your credit report too.  You're likely to be surprised by the revealing insights that it can give you!

Here is a sample credit score and analysis

Your instant three-bureau credit report, with your credit score and personalized analysis included. Only $34.95.
Here is where you can order your credit score and your single-bureau personal credit report, delivered online instantly.  Total cost is $11.95.

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